RT @hackneycitizen: ‘Tremendous honour’: Hackney cadets parade for head of British army at iconic Grocers’ Hall New unit made up of Year 8…
RT @doctorwibble: Honoured to have been a guest at the @mossbourne @MCAmossbourne inaugural @CCFcadets parade and inspection this afternoon…
Well done to the MVPA Year 8 Cadets on their incredible parade at Grocers Hall. The head of the UK armed services t… https://t.co/Op6RxbEx3K
RT @MCAmossbourne: Our cadets, who have been training hard, will be performing their inaugural parade and inspection for the Chief of the D…
RT @MCAmossbourne: The Chief of the Defence Staff, General Sir Nicholas Carter is here to inspect our cadets! He congratulated many of them…
RT @MCAmossbourne: A snapshot of the inaugural performance #CCF @CCFcadets @MVPAmossbourne https://t.co/6sDvtPdi97
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RT @MCAmossbourne: Year 8&9 pupils from MCA and @MVPAmossbourne are ready to perform their inaugural inspection at the Grocers Hall, alongs…
We’re joined by the @mayorofhackney to celebrate our fantastic GCSE results this morning! #soproud #GCSEResults2019https://t.co/Jw5DvvXyup
Amazing first results for our amazing first year group! 82% passing 5 incl. English and Maths!
Congratulations to our Year 11 students and staff on our first set of superb GCSE results - we are so proud of you!… https://t.co/jKZUMnc5WE
Good luck to everyone collecting their GCSE results tomorrow and a huge well done for all your hard work! We’re cro… https://t.co/QaJtfg2B0y
Some doormen getting their picture taken with the students https://t.co/CYHTzGzRyA
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Pure class https://t.co/m0abeaE3Ld
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Our babies! https://t.co/WZhXjRfghu
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Now it’s a party https://t.co/PaBkhPYcHO
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Boss https://t.co/95ZxEA0Y1G
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So that’s what they look like in make-up! https://t.co/CpWJGPph8Y
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The legends start to arrive... https://t.co/MGL95NV9Os
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Getting ready to say goodbye to our inaugural year group! https://t.co/piLzmoM0vO
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Ski Trip 2019 arrived safely after a fine journey. Have a great week everyone! https://t.co/vQ3JLnxJc2
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Our year 11 students are speaking to local professionals including entrepreneurs, city workers and the… https://t.co/SSK491EVvU
We love our new artificial grass - it turns out five year groups do fit after all!! https://t.co/eM69YE4Itr
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After a slight delay on Saturday, our Historians arrived safely and set about exploring Berlin. Already seen many s… https://t.co/bSAeltNfxO
Our Mossbourne Skiers’ new ETA back at the Academy is 8:15pm due to the ferry crossing.
Great way to finish MVPA’s Ski Trip 2018 with a closely contested Slalom race! Packing up and sad to leave ready fo… https://t.co/2brSCgUmCa
After a lot of traffic our Mossbourne Skiers have finally arrived in Andalo, Italy! Everyone is ready for a big day on the slopes tomorrow!
RT @MossPAMsoftware: @TeacherToolkit learning about the PAM software https://t.co/UQxikngzCB
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RT @MossPAMsoftware: All set for day 2 of the @Bett_show #MossPAM #Bett2017 https://t.co/I3IfTPyRQq
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RT @Elroy_cahill: As a school using PAM I cannot reccomend it enough. It's excellent @EducationEACT @Ambition_SL https://t.co/TCeMyWI3fG
RT @MossPAMsoftware: The interest is buzzing around stand G91. #MossPAM #Bett2017 https://t.co/t1cQtbIXrD
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RT @MossPAMsoftware: We're up and running at BETT, visit us at stand G91 #MossPAM #Bett2017
We wish all of our students a well deserved summer break! Autumn term starts on 5th September for Years 8 & 9 and 2nd September for Year 7.
Well done to all the students and staff involved in the Matilda production! It was an amazing performance and a lovely way to end the year!
The opening night of the Matilda Production was a great success and we are looking forward to the second performance this evening!
We are very excited about Sports Day at Mile End Stadium tomorrow! Parents/Carers don't forget to bring your tickets!
The Academy will be open as usual tomorrow for all students and will close at the earlier time of 3.25pm as it is PSHCE Day.
Don't forget to buy your tickets for the Concert at Stoke Newington Town Hall on Monday 4th July! https://t.co/0bWkzY9lHd
We are getting excited about the Federation end of year music concernt at Stoke Newington next Monday! Tickets are available via Parentpay.
PARENTS: ParentPay has changed. Avoid any issues by reading the new instructions here https://t.co/P98otYCcjV
ATTN PARENTS: ParentPay has changed. Avoid any issues by reading the new instructions here https://t.co/tbyIVHQ7lv
Join us on LinkedIn! https://t.co/CtObDqYNJP https://t.co/TQnBt8iCke
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Best of luck to 25 of our students today who are competing in the English Schools' Athletic Track & Field Cup at Mile End Stadium #mvpa
A massive well done from the PE Department to the Academy who raised an astonishing £2484 altogether for Sports Relief in their PE lessons.
Every Tuesday after school 4.20pm-5.45pm basketball for boys and girls and girls only football club!
After School Clubs on Monday - Girls Rounders 4.20pm - 5.45pm and Table Tennis for boys and girls 4.20pm - 5.45pm come along!
A huge congratulations to all the students who participated in the Music Showcase last night it was a fantastic evening of entertainment!
After school cricket club is on Wednesday's 4.20pm - 5.30pm all students welcome!
Good luck to our Year 8 Girls Netball Team this afternoon who are representing the Academy in the Hackney Netball League semi-final!
The students are looking forward to PSHCE day on Monday 14th March! The Academy will close at 3.25pm on this day.
Preparations are well under way for our 'Bourne to Perform' competition this afternoon. We are very excited to see the acts!
A fantastic achievement for our students who represented Hackney yesterday at the London Cross Country Championships https://t.co/MMbxwup0R7
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Best of luck to our students who are representing Hackney at the London Cross Country Championships today!
The Stars of the Week have been enjoying going for tea and cake with their Head of Year to the local cafe https://t.co/wSuL2QO6xT
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We are busy getting ready for our 'Bourne to Perform' competition next Wednesday!
The Academy will close at 12:40pm on Thursday 3rd March for staff training. All students are expected to go straight home upon dismissal.
The Year 7 & 8 students from band are really excited to watch the London Symphony Orchestra rehearsal tomorrow!
We are looking forward to Olympic long jumper JJ Jegede coming in tomorrow to do a workshop with the Year 8's!
A unique opportunity for a new Associate Vice Principal with our growing school! Explore now https://t.co/LyZ2Ya4eGc https://t.co/rwRfz1Mjua
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More exciting teaching opportunities available as we expand our staff body! Find them here https://t.co/LyZ2Ya4eGc https://t.co/wyZq0krpGm
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The Academy Choir will be singing at the St Joseph's Hospice Christmas Festival Concert tonight at the St John of Jerusalem Church at 7pm.
Thank you to everyone who came along and supported the Academy's first Winter Fair. It was a hugely successful event!
We are finalising preparations for our very first Winter Fair, which is happening tomorrow from noon until 3pm. Please come along!
We are really excited about tomorrow's Winter Chapel Concert! The choir will be singing and the chamber orchestra will be playing!
Our students are looking forward to PSHCE Day this Friday! Please remember students finish at 3.25pm on this day.
Welcome back to all our students!