The best place to learn

With a wide range of pastimes and activities

Teachers that care

Proving support and guidance all day, every day

Achieve and succeed

The future is yours to shape

Success is for every single student

Inside the classroom and out

At Mossbourne Victoria Park Academy, we have fostered an environment that allows our students to achieve, to aim higher than they ever imagined – without obstacles or barriers.

Contented, confident and successful students have a healthy interest in a wide range of activities and pastimes.

A varied curriculum with a vast degree of extension and enrichment opportunities and unique oratory specialism means every student has so many things they love about learning here.


We put the onus on the students to be organised; they are expected to have the correct books and equipment every day and to meet all homework deadlines.

Using the student planner – a key item of equipment, used to record homework assignments and appointments with staff – students manage their time and study commitments during daily prep sessions. These silent study sessions help students to prioritise work schedules, stay organised, develop independent study skills and take ownership of their own learning.

"Due to the fair and consistent approach I settled in very quickly."

Year 7 Student

"The exceptional behaviour policy allows teachers the freedom to deliver more creative lessons"

English Teacher

"We have been embedded with skills that aided us in our exams but will aid us for life; to write, perform, debate, orate and above all, be kind."

Year 11 Student


The move from primary school to secondary school can be both an exciting and challenging time for children.

Newcomers begin to develop their understanding of secondary school life, while forming new peer groups, within the first few weeks. Therefore, we at MVPA believe that good preparation is vital for a positive start.

We work hard to ensure Year 7 students experience a smooth start at the Academy. Our Transition Team works closely with primary schools to get to know each child and understand their specific abilities and needs.

Students benefit from a strong focus on pastoral care throughout Academy life; it’s a personal approach that ensures teaching is responsive and tailored to the individual.

Enriched Curriculum

We provide all students with a wealth of opportunities to feed their interests and curiosity, through our Extension and Enrichment Programme, which covers a truly diverse selection of topics and activities.

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Rowing Academy

We provide a unique opportunity to excel in the sport of rowing through our Rowing Academy. We have partnered with London Youth Rowing to deliver their flagship rowing programme.

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Oratory Specialism

We believe that being confident and articulate in both private and public speaking is an essential life skill. To encourage students to acquire and grow their speaking abilities, the Academy has developed a specialism in Oratory.

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Library at MVPA

Online Catalogue

Our re-developed library, at the heart of the school, is now home to over 12,000 titles in the library, which include over 1,600 electronic books and over 700 audio books.

Books are carefully selected by the librarian, teaching staff, and students to support the academic progress and interests of students, as well as providing a wide variety of titles to support reading for pleasure.

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