Senior Leadership Team


Mr M Toothe

Vice Principal: Teaching, Learning & Professional Development

Mr J Kirkman

Vice Principal: Curriculum and Assessment

Mr A Howard

Associate Vice Principal

Mr J Rayner

Associate Vice Principal and Mossbourne Excellent Teacher

Ms C Wabe

Associate Vice Principal and Head of Student Behaviour and Attendance

Mr S Wells

Associate Vice Principal and HOLA Science

Mr D Hall

Associate Vice Principal and Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Ms H Flyn

Associate Vice Principal

Mr O Puttock

Extended Leadership Team

Head of Safeguarding, Student Well-being and Personal Development

Mrs C Way

Head of English Learning Area

Ms A Gwinnell

Head of Maths, Computing and Economics Learning Area

Mr R Miah

Head of SEN Inclusion

Ms N Newby

Mossbourne Excellent Teacher

Ms A Seller

Head of Humanities Learning Area

Mr J Dawson

Head of Expressive and Performing Arts

Ms J Scott